Just because I don't update this site doesn't mean there's no good news.

#1 - Remember that TV contest I was in? The Choice?

I won!

Mike and Fred Banner.jpg

I'm now a regular on Fred Roggin's show Going Roggin, where I debate sports with longtime sports hosts from radio and TV in Los Angeles. I haven't been on since January because of The Olympics on NBC, but I'll be back at the end of March. Check your local listings for Going Roggin the weekend of March 31st!

#2 - I've got a new web series!

2018-02-21 13:38:38.jpg

The Callback is a show I co-created with longtime collaborator and pal Clem Darling. All of the first three episodes are available on YouTube, and you can watch them RIGHT NOW, back-to-back, by clicking the link.


That's it! Please enjoy!