New Essay, New Look

Just finished some editing on an essay I wrote yesterday, "it's not you, it's not me." It's a happy piece about breakups of all kinds. Take a look!

I'm back in CT for a long weekend for my sister's college graduation. As usual, I came up with some big ideas before I left, and taking several days to "relax" will only make me antsier to get started when I get back.

This site is going to undergo a complete overhaul. As will all my social media platforms. I'll be using Twitter again. I came up with a fun gimmick for Instagram. I hate corporate doublespeak, but we're talking about total synergy! A whole new paradigm!

So if you're looking to get sad, then happy, read my breakup essay, then come back next week and feast your eyes on what's sure to be a feast for your eyes. This site is gonna look goooooooooooooood.