CoW #11 Recap

After every Cavern of Whimsy show, I post a full recap on my main Cavern of Whimsy website.

CoW #11 is no different.

Ironically -- or "predictably," as the word "ironically" is often used -- my comment on the Cavern of Whimsy page for this site, that these shows are "seen by no one," nearly proved literally true. Whether that was because of Dodgers' opening day, my double-booking with the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, or some personal failing of mine -- maybe I smell? -- it's surreal to see multiple performers do undeniably brilliant work to a totally-non-packed house. I'm not even mad; it's hilarious how great these shows have gotten and how few people are seeing them.

After the last show on May 4th, I'll be posting old videos from time to time. One thing's for sure, though: you can't beat the live experience. And for everyone who cares to come see it, the last show's gonna be epic.