I MAKE LOTS and lots and lots of videos. Here's an exhaustive but by no means complete catalogue:

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The Callback is the first writing/directing/producing/acting gig I've done in years, a web series with my old pal Clem Darling (Micklem's Hardware and Weather in Los Angeles). Based on painfully true tales of Clem trying to break into commercial acting, Clem plays himself and I'm the Casting Director who stands in his way.

Matt Noonan and Mike Trehy are the writers and performers known as Clyde McFly. I've directed and edited all their shorts about Dave and Paul, two adult friends who host barbecues. AKA "Well Done."

Essential: Water Shortage; Look of Love; Current Events; Sea Fruit

Matt Mieskoski and I wrote and produced a series of 18 unbelievably dark sketch comedy shorts, with outtakes, plus a fake podcast, Phil Metal Jackson, under the name Beings Worthy of Respect.

Essential: Pizza John; Atheist's Commercial for God; The Vlog of Anne Frank ; A 21st Century Tale of Romance; Phil Metal Jackson

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I co-created a web music video series with Clem Darling called Micklem's Hardware. He wrote the songs and I produced them in a home studio. Season 1 is four episodes.

Essential: "Oh No"

Weather in Los Angeles was a series I created with Clem Darling combining a real, recorded conversation with surreal digital / mixed-media stop-motion animation. As the theme song goes: "when there's weather in Los Angeles, it's always bad."

The "Outrageous Animated Shorts" were my first attempt at narrative animation, with hand-drawn characters and stylized sound effects and backgrounds.

[Playlist also includes "Art Imitating Life."]

Mike Critelli's Cavern of Whimsy is a monthly live show I hosted from June '14 to May '15. In addition to filmed footage from the show, I've premiered a handful of original videos there. Full listings of both are available here.

Essential: Costume Party; Christmas Party; It's All Mike (and a bag of chips.); Filthy Parody Karaoke; SoCal Slideshow Tours - North Hollywood

MISCELLANEOUS, PT 1: a sketch I starred in, written by (and co-starring) Nick Luciano. This is me doing my best Tim and Eric impression in my favorite New Orleans Hawaiian shirt.

MISCELLANEOUS, PT 2:  A "shock for shock's sake" remake of a short Pete and I shot in our friend Clay's basement about the story behind the Beatles' "Revolution 9." Somehow, YouTube let us use part of John Lennon's "Imagine" here, yet took down our best early short, an awkward father/son confrontation set to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit."