OVER FIVE YEARS I wrote the movie From the Rough and became its Executive Producer, having a hand in everything from casting to editing to the final sound mix and color correction. Check out the film's website, or go directly to Amazon.com to buy the film itself.

It's a good, fun, family sports film. I remember seeing Cool Runnings about 1000 times as a kid and wondering where those kinds of movies went. From the Rough is a throwback: modestly-scaled and warm but not soft or sentimental; it occupies a middle ground you don't see anymore.

It's a completely independent film, and I was blessed to work on a project of its scale in such a major capacity at such a young age (the final draft of the script was completed before I turned 24). It was the definition of a "learning experience," something you're lucky to experience but don't appreciate until later.

Now that it's later, I'm starting to appreciate it; the process of making it, not the film itself. The film itself is a good, fun, family sports film - as I said - but the process was rough, pun intended.

I'll tell you the whole story someday when my memoir is due.

In the meantime, my goal is to put more Films up here. I'm excited to see what they are.