"CAVERN OF WHIMSY" was a monthly live show I produced and hosted at The Complex in Hollywood. It began in June 2014 and ended in May 2015 after 12 shows.

As a learning experience it was second-to-none. I discovered abilities I didn't know I had and met unbelievable performers and artists. Five years from now, people will look back at the lineups and wonder how such a murderer's row of talent could be gathered and seen for a mere $10.

...Seen by no one, that is.

Live theater in LA in 2015: unless you can wrangle an honest-to-God celebrity into your show, your best bet is to make it free and hope donations cover the cost (they don't) or get a bunch of friends together to share the cost and hope the exposure pays dividends later (it probably won't.) I didn't do either. So the state of live LA theater, coupled with my chronic inability to market anything, gave me the surreal experience of hosting a one-of-a-kind show with multiple headliner-quality acts for between 5 and 25 people a month.

And the drinks were free.

Cavern of Whimsy ended May 2015 as a monthly live show. Will it ultimately transform into a TV- or web-based show? Will it come back later, on occasion, as public interest warrants?

I hope.

For now, bask in the previews and summations, the accumulated art and video content, available at the show's official website. Then, five years from now, come back and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.