THOUGH I DRAW a regular comic strip that looks like this...

"Look Out for #1" - 7/11/16

"Look Out for #1" - 7/11/16

...I also make artwork that looks like this:


[Before we go any further, note that you can commission a portrait of yourself at my Etsy page.]

So how did this happen?

In January 2014 I started teaching myself to draw with a black ballpoint pen and a sketch notebook. The first time I got to use this new skill was for my show, Mike Critelli's Cavern of Whimsy. Every month I sketched original portraits of the featured performers...

...And then designed posters around them. (You can view all the posters here.)

And before I started drawing the comics I still draw to this day, I made cartoonish character designs for my "Outrageous Animated Shorts," also featured in C.O.W.:

This -- Art -- is as close to "brand new" as anything I do, but obviously I'm obsessed and not turning back.

Check Etsy and Instagram regularly to see my progress.