I do comedy and a lot more. A lot more:

- Check out my Comix; published 3x weekly on Instagram, now through forever.

- Check out my videos; originally published under various pseudonyms or as part of collaborative projects, finally compiled all in one place.

- Check out my film; I co-wrote and produced From the Rough. If you didn't know that, now you do.

- Check out my art; a newly-developed skill that's already paying big dividends.

- Check out my music; it's sonically and lyrically experimental! (Too experimental!)

- Check out my old stories; between June 2010 and September 2011, I gradually morphed from David Sedaris to Charles Bukowski to pre-Grantland Grantland.

- Check out my essays; on various topics of interest to me - and you - right now!

- Check out 500 Words or Less; very short stories I wrote as a homage/ripoff of Raymond Carver.

- Check out my standup; I've been doing it on and off since high school - with video proof.

- Check out Cavern of Whimsy; my old live show in Hollywood, packed with historical curiosities.

- Check out a general overview about this website.

I hate self-promotion so I'll stop there. Dig around. You might enjoy yourself.