Need a Lyft?

Last Monday I started driving for Lyft, a predictable job for someone in the entertainment business in Los Angeles 2015. While that should mean a precipitous drop in the amount of material I create, I'm doing my best to ensure it doesn't, including:

-- More comics! I've just adjusted the format to a two-panel vertical layout, which should be more viewable/sharable on social media. Speaking of which...

-- Social media! My Instagram is still woefully behind, but I'm starting to employ something called "hashtags," and to let people know it exists. This is me doing that. Also, been working on my Facebook page, mostly to post the comics. But also...

-- A new Clyde McFly video will be posted soon, the third in the series from our last shoot. Click through my videos page and scroll down for a link to Clyde McFly's YouTube channel and the entire series.

Post-July I'll be back doing more standup, and should have some dates there soon. Bottom line: I don't just do comedy, I drive; and I've got bottled water and mints available up front to make your ride that much more comfortable. 5 STARS!


Some Comics from the Comic

While you've been busy doing things with your life, I made a comic strip! Click that link, or the one in the menu, to see the first few entries of "CritelliComedy Comix." I posted #1 and #3 on Facebook last week and they went over well, so I'll be updating 3x weekly, Tuesday-Thursday, from now on, forever. Let's see if anybody gives a shit!

Also, the Videos page now includes my latest projects. Some were available in kind of a convoluted way through my Cavern of Whimsy page; some weren't available at all. In both cases, hope you like 'em!