CritelliComedyComix #300

My oh my, how time flies...

Last post was about #200 being done, this is about #300. This brand new essay explains everything I've been working on, or not, and why.

I'm still working, but as always I won't be telling you about it on a regular basis, as my Chief Marketing Officer (NO ONE) would explicitly tell me NOT to do, if they existed.

Oh well.

Making Stuff / Making Stuff Happen

If you've noticed a lot's changed around here, you're not wrong. It has!

Not only have I updated my logo, I've got a wacky new "site intro" video, and I've tweaked all the pages to reflect the latest information about things like "Art" and "Comix."

Perhaps most importantly, my Etsy page now features a new item for sale: commissioned portraits! That's right! I will paint you. Let me paint you. Why not?

Share this with a friend if you like what you see. No matter what happens, I'll be updating this monthly from now on -- note that this is July 14th and my last entry was June 15th -- and trying to figure out how to make it better.

To quote Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never give up [on]."