The site is live, except the "essays" section is empty and I'm waffling between the page titles "Old Writing (pre-2012)" and "Stories." The latter is less cumbersome, but the former lets you know that I've left behind that part of my life where my goal was to aggressively damage my own reputation; not only is the writing "Old," it's also "pre-2012." If it's the only real writing I have here for now, I want that to be clear.

What's new? I've been writing and performing standup at The HaHa Cafe about 3x a week at the daily open mic, prepping for my own show and others. The next Cavern of Whimsy is Monday, April 6th and I've got a lot of work to do. Look for a link to the poster and maybe a new video or two by the end of this week.

Back to work...




This site is new, and as of March 10, 2015, it'll be up but functionless. Most things won't work.

My advice is to come back later.

March 18 -- the day after St. Patrick's Day -- I should have the functionality in place for just about everything. That would be a good time to come back, I'd say. I might even post about on Facebook.

Who knows?

I've been working on many things these past few years, most of them impossible to find even if you're a fan. This site will consolidate everything into one simple place for easy access.

Not yet. Soon. You'll know. I'll tell you when.