When it Rains, it Pours

Like the new site design? Tell me about it, stud!

Here's what's going on: finally, that animation I've been teasing is premiering. Tonight! The event's called "Show and Tell" and the details are here. If you're in LA, check it out.

I haven't had time to work on much else. Honestly, I've been pretty sick since Memorial Day on Monday, and while I don't want to blame the three bacon-wrapped hotdogs I ate and 7-10 beers I drank... wait, what's stopping me? That was probably it.

Progress is slow but steady. While I'm recovering, go to the Show tonight and Tell me what you think about it! (LOL)


New Essay, New Look

Just finished some editing on an essay I wrote yesterday, "it's not you, it's not me." It's a happy piece about breakups of all kinds. Take a look!

I'm back in CT for a long weekend for my sister's college graduation. As usual, I came up with some big ideas before I left, and taking several days to "relax" will only make me antsier to get started when I get back.

This site is going to undergo a complete overhaul. As will all my social media platforms. I'll be using Twitter again. I came up with a fun gimmick for Instagram. I hate corporate doublespeak, but we're talking about total synergy! A whole new paradigm!

So if you're looking to get sad, then happy, read my breakup essay, then come back next week and feast your eyes on what's sure to be a feast for your eyes. This site is gonna look goooooooooooooood.


End of an Era

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like, and probably won't post again until next Friday. Why? My final Cavern of Whimsy was last night, and my buddy Pete is staying here for a little while longer on an extended LA vacation.

It may not matter. I've told maybe 3 people that this site is back up and running, even as I've been adding an insane amount of content. Just know, if you are reading, there's plenty more to come. Check back next Friday when the dust settles. You'll see. You'll all see.

- Mike